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In the unlikely event  that we do not currently have a pattern on file for the sprocket you need,   We can  machine a custom sprocket for you….Often times at NO additional cost! ( We ask that you please check through this website BEFORE using this option though since we do have most applications already covered).

To have a sprocket custom machined to your specs, we will simply need to know the following information (This information MUST be in the Pay Pal  “Notes to seller section” to avoid possible manufacturing issues...i.e.  making an incorrect sprocket….If no “notes” are placed in the “notes to seller” section on the Pay Pal payment, We will assume the sprocket is our standard motorized bicycle sprocket and make the sprocket accordingly).

1) The application the sprocket will be used for.

2) The size chain you will be using.

3) The number of teeth you’d like on your sprocket

4) The diameter of the center bore.

5) The number and size (diameter) of the mounting holes (NOTE : if you need counter sunk bolt holes or stepped bolt holes you  must let us know all the pertinent details of the mounting holes).

5) The bolt circle diameter for the mounting  holes.

6) Desired offset or other pertinent information.

NOTE: If you are providing us the information you measure yourself….. it MUST be accurate or the sprocket we machine for you may not fit properly.

If you do not feel comfortable measuring the sprocket yourself, you can send the sprocket to us and we can take the appropriate measurements and return the sprocket to you when we machine you a new sprocket.

If we measure the sprocket there will be  an additional $20 charge for this service ( the charge will also be used to offset possible extra shipping costs as well).

If you have any questions concerning this Custom Sprocket option please feel free to call us BEFORE ordering.

Our office number is 434-971-7924.

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