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Top Hat Sprocket Adaptor

King’s Sales & Service Group (A.K.A. King’s Sales & Service) is proud to announce the arrival of its revolutionary new Top Hat Sprocket Adapter. The Top Hat Sprocket Adapter precision mounts the rear sprocket onto any ISO standard 6 bolt disc brake hub AND helps to put the sprocket in the proper location to help ensure a perfect chain line! (The adapter can be used WITH OR WITHOUT a disc brake system or disc rotor if you just want to take advantage of its superior mounting method).

ZERO run out or wobble means longer component life and less chance for your chain to jump off at speed because of the imprecise factory rubber 9 hole mounts. Superior mounting also means faster speeds with less vibration!

The Top Hat Sprocket adapter is made of the same great aerospace grade 7075 T651 aluminum we make our Super Sprockets from…Super Strong and lightweight (2.1 ounces for our 1/8″ offset model for use with standard sprockets, or 2.8 ounces for our 1/4″ offset model for use with our Race Series Sprockets NOTE: The combination of 1/4″ offset Top Hat AND a Race Series sprocket will weigh LESS overall than the 1/8″ offset Top Hat and standard sprocket).

You can mix and match sprockets (Race Series (no off set) OR Standard Super Sprockets (approximately 1/8 to 3/16 offset) AND Top Hat Adapters (1/8″ offset OR 1/4″ offset ) to help achieve a perfect chain line. NOTE: because of the literally hundreds and hundreds of possible hub, wheel, and frame combinations out there, final or additional spacing can be also done by using washers if needed but generally this is not required).

To save you money, you can reuse the factory nuts and 8mm bolts but they will need to be cut down since they are far too long….an installation video is available on You Tube at :

Yes, you can even reuse your stock sprocket if you’d like (NOTE: if you do want to reuse your stock sprocket, you will need to enlarge the center hole to about 2.1 inches (to clear the disc hub mount area) and you will need to make sure your sprocket has the HD 9 Hole Pattern (8 MM bolts)…If not you can drill as needed)….

If you order your Super Sprockets from for use with the Top Hat Sprocket Adapter please be sure to mention that it is for use with the Top Hat and we will machine everything for you for a simple bolt on performance increase.

The Top Hat Sprocket adapter is available for $37.50 (Please specify either 1/8″ offset or 1/4″ offset…if no mention is made, we will send out the 1/8″ offset model or 1/4″ offset depending on our current inventory).

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