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Sombrero Top Hat Sprocket Adapter

Sombrero Top Hat Sprocket Adapter

Kings Sales and Service is proud to introduce “Sombrero” – A new version of its now famous Top Hat Sprocket Adapter which is designed  to allow Manic Mechanic hub adapters to run sprockets smaller than about  35T.

NOTE: Because the manic Mechanic hub adapters run 3/8″ bolts on a large 3 5/8″ bolt circle,  the choice of running smaller diameter sprockets was severely limited….The Sombrero Top Hat Sprocket Adapter (named so because the width of the “brim” is somewhat larger than the standard “Top Hat”  making the hat look similar to a Mexican Sombrero) allows the use of sprockets much smaller than would otherwise be possible when using the manic Mechanic Hub Adapters alone.

The ability to use smaller sprockets on the Manic Mechanic hub adapters greatly benefits users looking for higher speeds, more relaxed cruising RPMs  and riders using bikes equipped with smaller wheels which need the smaller sprockets to make up for the smaller diameter wheels.

SPECIAL NOTE:  The Sombrero adapter, when combined w/ our special Sombrero Super Sprocket will allow you to run a disc brake on your rear wheel in addition to your coaster brake !

Better braking AND better speed…….. Kings Sales and Service  is your source for the BEST  sprockets and most innovative products for your motorized bike.

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