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Very Important Ordering Info- Read Before Ordering!

Number 5 in our FAQ is VERY important :
If I need a sprocket for a specific application how do I let you know?

If you have not already noticed,  our ordering section (right most column of the home page on our web site) is somewhat “generic”…….It is set up so you can order one of 3 basic items : Basic Sprockets (basically a “brush” finish NON color anodized sprocket, Our Anodized Sprockets (i.e. colored sprockets),  and our Top Hat Sprocket Adapters.
Because we make sprockets for most any application, it would be very difficult to have drop down menus for every possible sprocket that can be made so we basically rely on you to let us know what you need or want.
Other than choosing the basics such as anodized or non-anodized sprockets and the number of teeth you’d like, you must let us know what the sprocket is for so we can make it correctly….If you don’t specify the sprocket use  in the notes section of your Pay Pal Payment (or other form of payment), we will by default make you our standard motorized bike sprocket (the only reason we chose this as our default sprocket is because that is the sprocket we first made when starting in the custom sprocket manufacturing). Examples of what you could say in the notes section may include but are not limited to:  This sprocket is for a CAG Pocket bike, This sprocket is for a Manic Mechanic Hub Adapter, This sprocket is for a Sick Bike Parts Shift Kit Chain ring, This sprocket if for a Grubee hub, This sprocket is for a 1977  YZ 250 Etc Etc…).
If you forget to add a comment or note in the actual payment as to what the sprocket is for, you run the risk of us making the incorrect sprocket since we use the payment page as our “order form”….Separate notes, emails, or phone calls may not be linked to your order in time prior to your sprocket being made so it is VERY important for us to have all the needed info together and we have found that the notes section in your payment is best for this….If you do not include all the needed info in one spot (i.e. with your payment in the notes or comments to seller section) and we make your order incorrectly, we cannot be responsible for that nor can we issue any refunds since we machine time and materials have to be paid for.
In summary PLEASE be sure to leave notes in the notes section of your payment….IF not, we will assume you are ordering a standard motorized bike sprocket and no refunds or exchanges can be done if this is not what you wanted…notes can be very important… If you don’t know how to add notes to your Pay Pal payment, please call Pay Pal and ask them how to do it.

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