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Motorcycle Sprockets

We make Super Sprockets for ALL motorcycles.

To order a Super Sprocket for your motorcycle, Please do the following:

1) Look up your motorcycle from the drop down menus on the left side of the web page…

If it is listed, we can make the sprocket from the data we have on file.

If you do not see your motorcycle listed, please call us at 434-971-7924.

2) Motorcycle Sprockets must be manually paid for via Pay Pal. (We hope to set up a payment button in the future but , until then,  payments must be made manually).

To determine the price for a motorcycle sprocket, go to either the “basic” sprockets section (if you want a “raw” brush finished sprocket or “colored sprockets” section (if you want your sprocket to be color anodized) on the right hand side of the web page and find the sprocket in the teeth count / color (if any) you would like.

To the price listed, ADD $15.00 (motorcycle sprockets cost more than our “standard” sprockets since the material is thicker and costs more).

3) Manually send a Pay Pal order to us….(we prefer NOT to invoice you since it takes away from our machining time and would ultimately slow shipping to our valued customers).

To Pay Pal your order / funds to us….simply log into YOUR Pay Pal account.

Click on the “send funds to“  tab / button….send the appropriate funds to us (the one price you looked up earlier PLUS the $15 for the motorcycle sprocket up charge)  at our user ID (see next line)…Be sure to include an additional $7.50 to cover boxing and shipping costs.

Our Pay Pal User ID is :

Be sure to put in the notes section to us (The “notes to seller” or comments section just before sending the payment),  the year make and model of your motorcycle and the number of teeth you’d like on your sprocket, and the color (if applicable) of the sprocket you’d like.

NOTE: Please remember to include $7.50 to cover the cost of boxing / shipping your sprocket.

If you have difficulty in sending us the funds,  Pay Pal can help you directly at 1-800-221-1161.

NOTE: In the future, we hope to streamline the ordering of motorcycle sprockets by setting up a shopping cart specifically for motorcycle sprockets. However,  this is a large undertaking and it may take awhile for us to do (it requires literally hundreds of man hours set up).  In the meantime,  we appreciate your orders and patience.



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