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Dealer Information / Drop Shipping Available

To better serve our customers, King’s Sales and Service Group in now accepting dealers for our custom machined Super Sprockets, Top Hats, and soon to be released “Maxi Brake” braking systems.

If you have a web page , store front , want to sell our sprockets, or use our sprockets in your commercial production builds, simply call or write us and we can help you become a dealer of our products.

With our available convenient drop shipping option, you won’t even have to stock product….Simply get the orders from your store / website etc…, send us the payment (at dealer prices) and customer information  and we’ll send the items directly to your customer….make money without even touching the product!….Call or write for details.

For even greater profit margins, we also offer a stocking dealer program….Call or write for details.

King’s Sales and Service Group is also seeking dealers located in other countries as well…

While we currently ship internationally, it would be helpful for us to locate strategically located stocking dealers to help customers get their products faster and more cost effectively….This is truly a great opportunity if you are not located in the USA and would like to carry our products….Call or write for details.

King’s Sales and Service’s Dealer program is truly a Win – Win situation for you and your customers!

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