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Bicycle Sprockets and Chain Rings

King’s Sales and Service Group can custom machine Super Sprockets and Chain Rings for all types of bicycles.

Whether you ride a road bike, mountain bike, cruiser bike, BMX bike , recumbent etc….we can help you!

Often times our Super Sprockets are ordered as a superior replacement to a factory chain ring, BUT many times we are called upon to make sprockets that are not commercially available…..examples of this include chain rings larger than 52T ( We can make Chain Rings up to 124T !!….great for serious speed or recumbent use) or smaller than 24 teeth (for maximum hill climbing or off road) … Also, we can make larger chain rings fit on Compact Crank Arms saving you the cost of replacing crank arms just to run a larger chain ring! Value and savings because we custom machine for you!

By popular demand we can also make Super Sprockets that can be directly bolted to a disc brake hub….Instant fixed gear bike!

We can also make your bicycle unique with our Custom Anodized Super Sprockets !

Your friends will surely be “wowed” when they see otherwise “bland” chin rings available in any one of our 9 super anodized colors!…..Add a little “bling bling” to your ride for only $7.50 more per sprocket! Wow!

So what ever your needs or wants are we can make it a reality and the best part of all is it is custom work at a NON Custom price!

The Best Quality AND the Best Value.

For All your sprocket needs King’s Sales and Service Group is here to help you.

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