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buy custom sprocketsIf you need a custom sprocket ,  a sprocket to replace a worn factory unit, a sprocket in a different size than is available through the factory,  or if you simply need a production run for a product you are selling,  we can help you.

If you are looking for better top end speed or better pulling power  you have come to the right place.

King’s Sales and Service Group is a custom sprocket manufacturer that specializes in custom machining our  Super Sprockets for use with Motorized Bicycle Engine Kits, Bicycles,  Motorcycles, Mopeds, Scooters,  Go Karts, ATVs, Go Peds,  Electric Vehicles and more !

King’s Sales and Service Group can also custom machine sprockets to your specifications….Simply provide us with a little basic information and we will machine the sprocket for you….Often times at NO additional cost!

Put simply, if you need sprocket we can help you!…AND help you in a timely manner….Most sprockets are sent out within 3 business days (read our FAQ section for more details).

Super Sprockets are available from 10 to 124 teeth  (depending on pitch) in 25, 35, 40, 415, 420, 428, 520, 525, 530, and 630 chain sizes.

NOTE: Pricing for sprockets on this web page are based on  1/2″ pitch  40 series chain (40 , 415, 420,  428).

Pricing will be LOWER for sprockets for #25 and #35 chain. Call or write for details.

Pricing will be HIGHER for sprockets for #520 , #525, #530 and #630 chains. Call or write for details.

Super Sprockets are machined from certified USA mined aerospace grade 7075 aluminum heat treated to T651 standards.

Super Sprockets are lightweight, durable, and rustproof…Much better than steel or other alloys.

Our Super Sprockets are individually precision CNC Machined (anodized models) or Hobbed on a dedicated sprocket manufacturing machine.

Our Super Sprockets are accurate to approximately 1/1000 of an inch! Superior machining and proper tooth profiles mean less friction and wear for more speed and durability.

Lightening holes reduce unnecessary mass for better acceleration without sacrificing strength.

Each Super Sprocket is individually stamped with tooth count for easy identification.

Color anodizing is available in 9 different colors including Hard Coat.

We also sell “Split Sprockets” for fast sprocket change out applications.

We also offer custom engraving….Say whatever you want right on your custom sprocket!

King’s Sales and Service Group……THE  leader in custom machined sprockets.

” If it has a sprocket, we can make it a rocket! ”

Dealer inquiries welcome – call or write for details

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